Armagedda — I Am

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Нет в наличии

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Black Metal.
Проект участников LIK, Volkermord, Lönndom.

1 Den Skrivna Eskatologin 6:21
2 De Vanhelgade 6:22
3 I Am 5:26
4 Cold Eon 5:18

The songs featured within this record is a lost recording from somewhere back in 2001-2002. So, why should it lay and be forgotten or even lost when it’s possible to make it live forever?
These are never before published songs except for «I Am» which was performed live during the «Marching Toward Christian Extermination» tour back in 2002 together with Black Witchery, Avenger and Manticore.

Digifile CD.
Nordvis Produktion, Eisenwald Tonschmiede


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