Absurd — Der Fünfzehnjährige Krieg / The Fifteen-Years-War

1950 ru

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Black Metal.

I Intro — Der Fünfzehnjährige Krieg 2:34
II Der Große Tod 2:39
III Eternal Winter 4:10
IV In Des Mondes Blut’gem Schein 4:36
V Mourning Soul 2:03
VI Tod Vor Sonnenaufgang 2:59
VII Heaven In Blood 1:58
VIII Werwolf 2:23
IX Gates Of Heaven 3:14
X Pesttanz 2:45
XI Last Breath 4:06
XII Asgardsrei 3:27
XIII Ashes To Ashes 3:09
XIV Als Die Alten Jung Noch Waren 2:37
XV Colours Of Autumn 2:14
XVI Landsknechtstrommel (Akustisches Präludium) 1:49
XVII Landsknechtstrommel 3:19
XVIII Betet Für Uns 2:56

Tracks 2 & 15: released on the «Wolfskrieger» CD 2002 for the first time.
Tracks 3, 8, 9 & 13: released on the «Death From The Forest» Demo 1993 for the first time.
Track 4: originally scheduled for the «Facta Luquuntur» CD 1996, has been existing as rehearsal recording only.
Tracks 5 & 10: released on the «Thuringian Pagan Madness» EP for the first time.
Track 6: was recorded as a bonustrack for the «Asgardsrei» EP 1998.
Track 7: also scheduled for the «Facta Luquuntur» CD 1996, but not recorded for the first time until 2001.
Track 11: was recorded on the «God’s Death» Demo 1992 for the first time.
Tracks 12 & 14: was released on the «Asgardsrei» MCD 1998.

«This album marks our 15th anniversary as a band. We have selected fourteen songs, written during the last first ten years of our history, for this release. These songs were previously recorded under insufficient circumstances, which prevented their potential from beeing unleashed fully.
Be that as it may, we reckon them as some of our best songs ever; and for the purpose of showing off their qualities, we decided to record them anew.»



Вес 249 г
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