Abyssic Hate — A Decade of Hate [2xLP]

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Depressive Black Metal.

Cleansing Of An Ancient Race (1994 Demo — Original Mix)
A1 The Demon (Intro) 0:48
A2 From An Unknown Plane Of Existence 3:41
A3 Cleansing Of An Ancient Race 4:52
A4 Land Of Impenetrable Darkness 4:15
B5 Damned For Eternity 4:07
B6 Tarrasque 5:32
B7 Bloodletting 4:39
Eternal Damnation (1997 mCD Limited To Copies — Remastered In 2004)
C8 Eternal Damnation (Intro) 0:40
C9 Knight Of The Living Dead 5:27
C10 Human Despair 4:06
C11 Attack! 4:38
C12 The Blood War 4:35
C13 The Victory Is Ours (Absurd Cover) 1:32
Betrayed (1998 Promo — Taken From «No Colours Volume 2»-Compilation)
D14 Betrayed 11:44

Black 180 gram vinyl.
Issued in a gatefold jacket. Inner jackets features lyrics and band biography.
Darker Than Black


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