Acherontas — Theosis

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Black Metal, Dark Ambient, Avantgarde.

i bnH cEb kH can A 2:03
ii Pestilence Of Mortality 5:02
iii The Winged Skull Rising 8:48
iv Oath Of Fealty 6:00
v Legacy Of Tiamat 8:16
vi Dreams Of Adam Kadmon 4:06
vii Theosis 7:33
viii Απεθαντοσ 5:01
ix Finis Coronat 5:05
x Conjuration Of The Five Negatives 5:43

Created between May-December 2009.
«Conjuration Of The Five Negatives» (bonus ritual) taken from the split EP with Drowning The Light.
The «Wing Skull of UR» is a trademark of Temple Of The Vampire & used under permission.

Released as 3-panel digipak with 20-page booklet, featuring lyrics.
Dark Side Records


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