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Black Metal.

Side Darkness
1 Storm Of Damnation / Hades 5:54
2 Reaper 2:46
3 Necromansy 3:42
4 Sacrifice 3:18
Side Evil
5 In Conspiracy With Satan 2:31
6 Armageddon 2:34
7 Raise The Dead 3:43
8 War / Outro 2:38

Bootleg release. Comes with yellow goat cover. On back cover and booklet it is stated: “BLACK MARK LABEL – 666 – Made in Sweden, All titles by Quorthon, Publishing by Tyfon Music for Black Mark Label, P C The Boss Production Inc.” Comes with 4-page booklet including lyrics. “Storm of Damnation” is not mentioned in the back cover but it appears in the booklet. It is combined on the release with the track “Hades”. “Outro” is not mentioned anywhere in the release.



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