Celestia — Dead Insecta Sequestration

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True French Black Metal.
Проект Noktu (Drakkar Productions, Genocide Kommando, Gestapo 666, Mortifera). 19 треков/80 минут звучания. Ремастированный материал “Acave full of Bats” Mcd, “The Awakening of the Dormant Fiancée” Demo, “A Dying out of Ecstasy” Demo, материал со сплита с EVIL, материал записанный для SABBAT LP tribute и кавер на Burzum.

1 The Fragrance Of The Dead Rose 4:29
2 Fruits Of A Tragic End 3:31
3 Dead Insecta Sequestration 2:54
4 A Silent Night In A Silent Castle 3:39
5 Morbid Romance 5:35
6 Necromelancholic Reveries 4:23
7 Ea Lord Of The Depths 4:35
Live Hangelo Holland 22th Of November 2002
8 The Awakening Of The Dormant Fiancee 5:40
9 Necromelancholic Reveries 4:37
10 Wandering Through The Past Memories 3:49
11 Perverted, Decadent, Dying Love 7:37
12 Spectra 3:38
13 A Dying Out Ecstacy 5:15
14 The Radiance Of The Astral Circle 7:45

This is the re-issue of the Celestia – Dead Insekta Sequestration CD from Agonia Records in 2003 that includes 7 live bonus tracks from Holland 2002.
Originally released in 2001 as Celestia – Dead Insecta Sequestration demo tape with only 5 songs.

Comes in a slipcase.
Apparitia Recordings


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