Celestia — Retrospectra [2xLP]

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True French Black Metal.
Проект Noktu (Drakkar Productions, Genocide Kommando, Gestapo 666, Mortifera). 19 треков/80 минут звучания. Ремастированный материал «Acave full of Bats» Mcd, «The Awakening of the Dormant Fiancée» Demo, «A Dying out of Ecstasy» Demo, материал со сплита с EVIL, материал записанный для SABBAT LP tribute и кавер на Burzum. Виниловая версия.

A1 A Dying Out Ectasy
A2 A Silent Night In A Silent Castle
A3 The Forest Was A Neverending Place
A4 Prisoner Of A Morbid Cradle
A5 Mort D’Une Vestale
B1 Spectra
B2 Immortal Floating Shadow
B3 Darkness Enfold The Sky
B4 Demonic Screaming Entity
B5 Infected By Rats
B6 Black Spell Of Destruction (Burzum Cover)
C1 Prisoner Of A Morbid Cradle
C2 The Forest Was A Neverending Place
C3 A Dying Out Ecstasy
C4 Mort D’Une Vestale
D1 Khaos And Pain
D2 Infected By Rats
D3 Spectra
D4 The Dapple Egg (Cover)

Tracks 1 to 5 : Recorded 1997 at Drudenhaus studio
Tracks 6 to 11 : Recorded in Ianuary at rosencrap(RIP) studio 1999
Tracks 12 to 15 : Recorded in 2008
Tracks 16 to 18 Recorded in 1999
Track 19 : Recorded in 2001

Gatefold 2×12″LP with lyrics, some exclusive pictures & A2 poster. Limited to 500.
This is a retrospective of CELESTIA’s musical past with remastered sound. Including A Cave Full Of Bats MCD, Awakening Of The Dormant Fiancée (Promo Tape 00) Demo, A Dying Out Ecstasy Demo, also material from Celestia / Evil (2) — French-Southern Black Metal War and other material recorded for the SABBAT LP tribute.
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