Cornigr — Relics of Inner War [LP, red]

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Black Metal.

A1 Shroud Of Satan
A2 Baptism Below
A3 Rotten Embrace
A4 Death Trimorph
B1 Brand Carrier’s Canticle
B2 Jaws Of Time
B3 Banished And Cast Into Fire
B4 Discord

Cornigr was a one man project from Finland started in 2002 and ended in 2015. The debut album ‘Relics Of Inner War’ was previously released by Final Agony Records, but after years of being sold out, it’s now again set for release November 30th by Terratur Possessions exclusively.
The entire layout and master has been updated so expect nothing but quality all the way!

Limited edition on 180g red vinyl housed in a single pocket jacket. Includes a double-sided, 12×12″ insert, featuring lyrics and credits.
Terratur Possessions


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