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Black Metal.
In April 2020 Hammerheart Records will release a killer boxset with all five Craft albums as high quality 180 gram Picture-LP’s. These five classic Swedish Black Metal albums will come including lyrics sheets and a huge poster, limited to 500 copies worldwide.

Total Soul Rape
A1 World Of Plague
A2 Death To Planet Earth
A3 (Desolation) Death
A4 Kill Everything
A5 Ultimate Satan
B1 Past, Present, Dead
B2 Total Soul Rape
B3 Vile
B4 Outro
Terror Propaganda
A1 Ablaze
A2 The Silence Thereafter
A3 Reaktor 4
A4 Hidden Under The Skin
B1 False Orders Begone
B2 N.D.P.
B3 616
B4 Terror Propaganda
Fuck The Universe
A1 Earth A Raging Blaze
A2 Thorns In The Planet’s Side
A3 Fuck The Universe
A4 Assassin 333 ᚹ
A5 Demonspeed
A6 Terni Exustæ; Queen Reaper ᚹ
B1 Xenophobia
B2 The Suffering Of Others
B3 Destroy All
B4 According To Him
B5 Principium Anguis
A1 John’s Nightmare
A2 Serpent Soul
A3 Come Resonance Of Doom
A4 The Ground Surrenders
A5 Succumb To Sin
B1 Leaving The Corporal Shade
B2 I Want To Commit Murder
B3 Bring On The Clouds
B4 Void
White Noise And Black Metal
A1 The Cosmic Sphere Falls
A2 Again
A3 Undone
A4 Tragedy Of Pointless Games
B1 Darkness Falls
B2 Crimson
B3 Shadow
B4 White Noise

Picture Disck. Limited to 500 copies, includes poster + 5 inserts with lyrics.
Hammerheart Records


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