Evil — Pure Black Evil

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Raw Black Metal.
Сборка альбом заслуженной бразильской банды.

1 Intro (Pure Black Evil) 2:51
2 A Southern War From The Winters March 4:24
3 Illusion And Hope Pt I 5:33
4 Illusion And Hope Pt II 5:30
5 In The Forest Of Insanity And Sorrow 7:03
6 In The Mountain Of Madness 4:40
7 Ancient Hatred 3:43
8 Triumph Of Sword 3:56
9 Iron Tyranny 5:10
10 Hyperborea 6:23
11 Inhuman Weird Blackness 5:02
12 Burning In Helll (Moonblood cover) 3:53

Detailed tracklist:
1. Intro – Pure Black Evil (never before released)
2. A Southern War from the Winter´s March (taken from split 7EP with Ar.Blood)
3. Illusion and Hope pt I (taken from “Distant in Forest´s Deep 7EP)
4. Illusion and Hope pt II (taken from “Distant in Forest´s Deep 7EP)
5. In the Forest of Insanity and Sorrow (taken from split 7EP with Satanic Warmaster)
6. In the Mountain of Madness (taken from 3 way split 7EP with DerSturmer and NachtundNebel)
7. Ancient Hatred (taken from The Night and the Fog Vol. 3)
8. Triumph Of Sword (taken from 3 way split 7EP with Bilskirnir and Pantheon)
9. Iron Tyranny (taken from split 7EP with Abigail)
10. Hyperborea (taken from 7EP “I Came from the Abyss)
11. Inhuman Weird Blackness (taken from 7EP “I Came from the Abyss)
12. Burning in Hell (taken from MOONBLOOD Tribute)
13. Into the Cosmic Cataclysm (hidden track – never before released version)

Limited to 1000 copies.
Hammer Of Damnation


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