Funeral — Black Flame of Unholy Hate

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Black Metal.
Pre-Kristallnacht. Сырой французский Чёрный Металл, сыгранный в 1995 году и увидевший свет на CD в 2016!
1Black Flame Of Unholy Hate
2Coronation In Pure Blasphemy
3Night And Fog
4For Resurrection Of Our Movement
5A Strife…A Victory
6For Resurrection Of Our Movement
7Ancient Blood
9The Sign of Evil Existence (Bonus track)
10A Strife… A Victory (Bonus track)
11For Resurrection Of Our Movement (Bonus track)
12Aryan Blood (Bonus track)
Tracks A1 to A3 are taken from the Black Flame Of Unholy Hate demo March 1995.
Track A4 is a rehearsal track Summer 1995.
Tracks B1 to B3 are studio rehearsal tracks Autumn 1995.
Track B4 is a Mayhem cover recorded live in Toulon, France October the 31st 1995. First gig ever of Hades as session with Blessed In Sin.
Digipak CD.
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