Funeral Mist — In Manus Tuas – The Cassette Collection [Box, 4xTape]

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A1 The Devil’s Emissary
A2 Bringer Of Terror
A3 Nightside Phantom
A4 Funeral Mist
A5 The God Supreme
B1 Hellspell 2
Havoc Demo II 1996
B2 Realm Of Shades
B3 Hellspell
B4 Nightside Phantom
B5 The Old Ones Grin
C1 Agnus Dei
C2 Breathing Wounds
C3 Holy Poison
C4 Sun Of Hope
C5 Perdition’s Light
C6 Across The Qliphoth
C7 Realm Of Plagues
D1 Circle Of Eyes
D2 Bread To Stone
D3 In Manus Tuas
E1 Sword Of Faith
E2 White Stone
E3 Jesus Saves!
E4 A New Light
F1 Blessed Curse
F2 Living Temples
F3 Anathema Maranatha
F4 Anti-Flesh Nimbus
G1 In Nomine Domini
G2 Naught But Death
G3 Shedding Skin
G4 Cockatrice
H1 Metamorphosis
H2 Within The Without
H3 Hosanna
H4 Pallor Mortis

4-tape boxset.
Includes a 20-page booklet and 4 graphic art cards.
All tapes come on black cassette shells with stickers on both sides.
Professionally printed, single-sided, glossy, 7-panel foldout J-cards.
Norma Evangelium Diaboli


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