Graveland — Immortal Pride

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Black Metal.

1. Intro (Day Of Fury) 3:24
2. Sons Of Fire And Steel / Outro (Servants Of War) 23:41
3. Sacrifice For Honour 16:28
4. Outro (To Die In Glory) 7:01

“Immortal Pride” was recorded between 1998.05.12 – 1998.10.24.
Original cover art (ver. 1998) taken from Swarog Mag. (Ukraine).
For this release the material has been remastered for the first time.
Featuring the original black and white 4 panel booklet, previously unreleased photos and comments of Sotiris Anunnaki V., Knjaz Varggoth, Ash and many others.

Comes in Slipcase with new graphic design and 20-page booklet.


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