Hate Forest — The Curse [LP]

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Atmospheric Black Metal.
Не нуждающийся в представлении проект Романа Саенко (Blood of Kingu, Dark Ages, Drudkh).
Первое виниловое издание демо-кассеты 2000-го года, с новым оформлением и бонусным треком, тираж 400.

A1 Inmost Winter
A2 To The Thickets And Swamps
A3 Black Forest
A4 The Most Ancient Ones
A5 The Elders
B6 Darkness
B6 The Night Of Winter Solstice
B8 The Curse
B9 Cold Of The Grave (Bonus Track)

«The Curse» demo (tracks A1 to B8) was recorded during rehearsal in the spring of 2000, Kharkiv, Ukraine.
«Cold Of The Grave» demo-version (track B9), recorded in the autumn of 2004, previously unreleased. Original song appeared on «Sorrow».

Limited to 400 copies.
Funeral Industries, Galgenstrang Productions


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