In The Woods — HEart Of The Ages [2xLP, white]

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Black Metal, Avantgarde, Experimental, Progressive Metal.

A Yearning The Seeds Of A New Dimension
B1 HEart Of The Ages
…In The Woods
B2a Prologue
B2b Moments Of…
B2c Epilogue
B3 Mourning The Death Of Aase
C1 Wotan’s Return
C2 Pigeon
D1 The Divinity Of Wisdom
D2 White Rabbit
D3 Mourning the Death Of Aase (Studio Rec. Live-version)

All musical and lyrical creations brought forth by artists involved in ‘In The Woods…’, apart from statements written within quotation marks.
‘HEart Of The Ages’ was, and is evolved with passion at Star Studio, Iceren from November-January-1994-1995.

White vinyl. Limited Edition. Gatefold cover.
Soulseller Records


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