Inthyflesh — The Flamming Death

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Black Metal.
Пятый полноформатный альбом банды из португальского сырого подпола.
Совместное издание BlackSeed Productions и Altare Productions, тираж 500 копий.

1-1 The Sinister Herald Of Death
1-2 Blood Howling Eternity
1-3 Subterranean Harbinger
1-4 Oppressed Under Deceit
1-5 Through The Splendour Of Night
1-6 Forever Insanity
1-7 May The Rotten Wisdom Of The Dead Return
1-8 Sorrowful Moonlight Pt. I — The Fever Of Blood
1-9 Breath Of Darkness
2-1 The Brightness Of Your Decay
2-2 Beyond What Eyes Can See
2-3 A Thousand Tongues Burning
2-4 A Grasp Between Hate And Madness
2-5 Velvet Burial Shroud
2-6 Rituals Inflicted Upon Scars
2-7 Abysmal Silence
2-8 Dismal Awakening
2-9 Sorrowful Moonlight Pt. II — Catacombs Of Infinity

Altare Productions


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