KSMKRTR — To The Svmmit

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Black|Death Metal.

Kosmokrator, a Belgian quintet, play a dark, thick, miry black/death in their 2014 “To The Svmmit” demo, which was released both in cassette (independently) and in vinyl (via Ván Records) formats. The cause behind this review is the programmed re-release of it, in early 2016, again via Ván Records, in vinyl, as well as in digipack cd. It seems that the label is a firm believer in the band’s quality.
Let’s take a look at “To The Svmmit’s” music, clocking just short of the half hour mark, and consisting of 3 tracks. As aforementioned, here one can find murky, imposing black/death, which follows the path already trodden by Bolzer in their “Aura” masterpiece. However, instead of the Swiss duo’s more majestic and flowing structures, the Belgians slither close to the murk stagnating in the follow of Incantation and Immolation’s passage, resulting in a more death metal-ish character. Mid-tempo ebullition dominates, caused by a clogging bass, while the guitar navigates an imperceptible path, the boiling vocals trying to disorient the listener-traveler even more through the heavy use of distortion. Composition-wise things are decent, yet not managing to impress. There sure exist nice ideas in the release, but their intertwining in a solid unit needs more working.
Due to its short duration, the demo flows quite satisfactory, despite the compositional shortcomings. Kosmokrator do a fine presentation of themselves with “To The Svmmit”, although I am not sure if a re-release in such a short period is justifies. Nevertheless, fans of abysmal black/death can safely approach the release with interest.

1 Ad Altra, Ad Astra
2 Adoration Of He Who Is Upon The Blackest Of Thrones
3 Sermon Of The Seven Suns

— solid-colored black, rough cartonstock with golden and silver print

4-panel Digipak.


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