Lifvsleda — Lifvspänn [7″EP]

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Black Metal.

Tunnel vision, gritted teeth, and shivering. For someone who’s been involved with Black Metal for over a quarter of a century, the bar to be taken by surprise is predictably high. That feeling of absolute rapture becomes a rare occurrence.
Yet, the magic of this genre is that there are records written and released today which manage to summon spirits of ages past – all the while adding just the right amount of know-how and expanded songwriting skills. The result ends up being something timeless, with both demonstrably deep roots and strong claims on shaping the future. Black Metal infused with reverent reminiscence of the 1990s, but that still feels from the now. Old, but in no way obsolete. Emotionally implacable. And that’s what yields the aforementioned tunnel vision, gritted teeth, and shivering.
The words above pertain to LIFVSLEDA. It is with great pride that NoEvDia will release a seven-inch EP featuring one new song and a cover of Darkthrone’s “Transilvanian Hunger” – sung in Swedish – followed around April by their second album. “Sepulkral dedikation”.

A. Lifvspänn
B. Transilvansk Hunger

Black vinyl, limited to 666 copies, including 7″ incert.
Norma Evangelium Diaboli


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