Moonblood — Worshippers of the Grim Sepulchral Moon (Rehearsal 11) [2xLP]

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Black Metal.

A1 …To Be Immortal
A2 Don’t Fear The Dark
A3 Path To Thy Funeral Light
A4 Path To Thy Funeral Light — Part II
B1 Entering The New Kingdom
B2 Procreated Through The Sperm Of Astaroth
B3 The Temptation Of The Night’s Empress
C1 Then Came The Silence
C2 Cathedral Of Restless Souls
C3 Nocturnal Shades In The Moonlight
D1 A Shadow Born In Hell
D2 Worshippers Of The Grim Sepulchral Moon

Recorded during several sessions from May to December 1997 with partly a common cassette recorder and later with a 4-track-recorder. The recordings itself remained unreleased and are known as Rehearsal II, entitled «Worshippers Of The Grim Sepulchral Moon».

Housed in gatefold jacket flooded in black and matt varnish inside. Semi glossy art paper insert with lyrics.
Iron Bonehead Productions


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