Moonblood — Worshippers Of The Grim Sepulchral Moon [2xCD]

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Black Metal.

Disc I (39:58)
I-1 …To Be Immortal 5:45
I-2 Don’t Fear The Dark 7:47
I-3 Path To Thy Funeral Light 4:05
I-4 Path To Thy Funeral Light — Part II 3:57
I-5 Entering The New Kingdom 4:37
I-6 Procreated Through The Sperm Of Astaroth 9:02
I-7 The Temptation Of The Night’s Empress 4:40
Disc II (42:39)
II-1 Then Came The Silence 7:38
II-2 Cathedral Of Restless Souls 6:54
II-3 Nocturnal Shades In The Moonlight 6:56
II-4 A Shadow Born In Hell 5:53
II-5 Worshippers Of The Grim Sepulchral Moon 15:13

Professionally restored from the original tape and specially mastered for CD with a total length of almost 90 minutes, spread on 2 CDs.
Recorded during several sessions from May to December 1997 with partly a common cassette recorder and later with a 4-track-recorder.
The recording itself remained unreleased and is known as Rehearsal 11, entitled «Worshippers Of The Grim Sepulchral Moon».

Includes a 12-page booklet. Limited to 500 copies.
Misanthrophia Discos


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