Old Funeral — Our Condolences 1988-1992 [2xLP, silver]

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Death Metal | Black Metal.
Архивный материал записанный и сыгранный когда-то совместно Varkg Vikernes’ом (Burzum), Eikemo и Nævdal (Immortal), и Tunsberg (Hades Almighty).

The Fart That Not Should Be
A1 Intro 1:10
A2 Aphis 3:34
A3 Hell 2:55
A4 Grandma Is A Zombie 3:00
A5 Persecuted By Death 2:20
A6 Disgusting Kind Of Love 2:36
A7 The Day Of Judgement 3:46
Live At Garage, Bergen, April 6, 1991
B1 Judged By Appearance
B2 Haunted 3:46
B3 Skin And Bone 4:22
B4 Abduction Of Limbs 5:03
B5 Devoured Carcass 4:07
B6 Nocturnal Hell
B7 Incantation 5:06
Abduction Of Limbs
C1 Abduction Of Limbs 4:16
C2 Annoying Individual 2:54
C3 Skin And Bone 3:50
Devoured Carcass
C4 Haunted 3:33
C5 Incantation 4:52
C6 Devoured Carcass 3:29
Recorded In Grieghallen
D1 Forced To Be Lost 4:16
Recorded In Kardemommehuset
D2 Alone Walking 6:49
D3 Lyktemenn 3:10
D4 Into Hades 2:27
D5 My Tyrant Grace 5:12
Live At Hulen, Bergen 1991
D6 Devoured Carcass 3:31

•The first 7 demo recordings «The Fart That Should Not Be» NEVER released before except for the 50 original cassette copies from 1989.
•Live recording from Garage, Bergen, Norway in April 6, 1991. NEVER released in any format before.
•The «Abduction Of Limbs» March 1990.
•The «Devoured Carcass» 7″ December 1990 EP.
•The track «Forced To Be Lost» 1991 recorded in Grieghallen.
•Recorded in Kardemommehuset, the September 1992 advance tape.
•Live track from Hulen, Bergen, Norway 1991.

Silver vinyl, limited to 500 copies.
Comes housed in noble gatefold sleeve and with double sided inner sleeves.
Soulseller Records


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