Pseudogod — Sepulchral Chants [2xLP]

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Black Metal, Death Metal.

A1 Bleeding With Pus Of Black Plague
A2 Illusion Of Salvation
B1 Branded By Hornz
B2 The Firstborn Of Abhorrence
B3 Illusion Of Salvation
C1 Awakening Of Archdaemon
C2 Diving Merging
C3 Azazel
C4 The Gate Of Nanna (Beherit Cover)
C5 Muerte
D1 Blood War III (Antaeus Cover)
D2 Bleeding With Pus Of Black Plague
D3 The Firstborn Of Abhorrence
D4 Necromancy Of The Iron Darkness
D5 Azazel

Tracks A1, A2 taken from «Illusion Of Salvation» demo tape — 2006
Tracks B1-B3 taken from «In The Void And Serpent, The Spirit Is One» split 2008 / «Triumphus Serpentis Magni» MLP — 2010
Tracks C1, C2 taken from «Four Wings Of Blasphemy And Abomination» split 2010 / «The Pharynxes Of Hell» EP — 2015
Tracks C3, C4 taken from «Triumphus Serpentis Magni» MLP — 2010
Track C5 taken from Morbosidad / Pseudogod MLP — 2011
Track D1 taken from «The Pharynxes Of Hell» EP — 2015
Track D2 taken from «Illusion Of Salvation» picture LP — 2012
Track D3 taken from «Rehearsal 2007»
Tracks D4, D5 taken from «Rehearsal 2014»

Nuclear War Now! Productions


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