Raventale — Dark Substance Of Dharma

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Black Metal.
This conceptual album is devoted to Indian and Tibetan mythology and offers to fully plunge into the cosmic order of Dharma, to parse the principles of existence and perception of this World. Special attention paid to the recording process and skills reached at previous albums resulted in full and rich tone of the sound.
Издание BadMoodMan Music, подразделения главного русского думового издательства Solitude Productions.

1 Intra-Mantra 2:25
2 Destroying The Seeds Of Karma 8:38
3 Dark Substance Of Dharma 6:52
4 Kali’s Hunger 3:08
5 Red Laugh’s Walking 4:33
6 I Am The Black Tara 8:56
7 Last Moon Fermata 7:26

BadMoodMan Music


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