Strigoii — The Oldest of Blood [LP]

2000 ru

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Black Metal.
Виниловая версия альбома.
Azgorh Drakenhof
See also: Black Funeral, Drowning the Light, Harvest, Wolfblood, ex-Baal Gadrial, ex-Eternum, ex-Reich of the Black Sun, Forgotten Kingdoms, Ghosts of Oceania, LCF, Red Dragon, Sic Itur Ad Astra, ex-Pestilential Shadows
Akhtya Nachttoter
See also: Black Funeral, Darkness Enshroud, Empire of Blood, Ordo Tyrannis, Valefor, ex-Prophecies et Sanctus, ex-Sorath, ex-Abaddon, Akhkharu, Hexentanz, Michael W. Ford, Psychonaut 75, ex-Psychonaut
A1The Oldest Of Blood
A2The Castle Time-Frozen In Shadow
Ceremonies Of Rising From The Black Earth: Coagula And Solve
B3I. Coffins Filled With Blood (Mixed Blood Of Moroii And Strigoii)
B4II. Transcendental Fires Of Fallen Cherubim (Strigoii Awakened)
B5Coven Of Moroii And Strigoii
Pressed on 140g black vinyl, housed in a 350gsm gatefold jacket with inside flooded in black and matt varnish.
Includes a double-sided, 250gsm cardboard insert with lyrics.
Iron Bonehead Productions


Вес 850 g
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