Stutthof — Towards Thy Astral Path…

1650 ru

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Black Metal.
Первый полноформатный альбом Stutthof (pre-Acherontas).

I Opus I: Blut (Blood) 3:27
II An Ode To Thee Ancient Great Goddess 4:29
III In The Fields Of The Stars 4:28
IV Towards Thy Astral Path 5:37
V Opus II: Boden (Fatherland) 3:34
VI The Age Of Revelation 3:44
VII The Feast Of Everlasting Flame 4:09
VIII Krieg Und Boden 4:11
IX Left Hand Path The Art Of Sorcery (Bonus Track) 6:28
X From Death Comes Life (Bonus Track) 3:48

Digipak, limited edition of 500 copies.
Recorded and mastered at Studio 5 an 2002 anno draconis.
White Wolf Productions


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