The Wolves of Avalon — Boudicca’s Last Stand

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Pagan Black Metal.
Второй альбом британской Pagan Black/Folk Metal-группы. Очень хорошо. Вот как они сами про себя говорят: “The Wolves of Avalon continue the great tradition of British bands, Sabbat and Forefather, as well as Irish cousins Mael Mordha, who all incorporate strong historical themes in their music”. Второй проект Metatronа, который главный в The Meads of Asphodel.

1 Famished Wolves Befogged With Blood 4:34
2 The Sky Goddess 6:10
3 The Dreadful Thirst Of Death 5:48
4 Bonded By Blood And Sword 5:12
5 The Icknield Way Is Dripping With The Juice Of Our Marrow-Bones 5:29
6 Behold The Feast Of The Slaughter Gods 7:53
7 The Gorging Glut Of Sodden Clay 4:41
8 Iceni Queen Unfurl’d In A Tempest Of Crows 3:55
9 I Walk The Moonless Fens Of A Darkling Day 3:20
10 Cold As Mouldering Clay 6:57
11 Essence (Enslaved Cover) 6:18

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