Tsjuder — Desert Northern Hell

1950 ru

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True Norwegian Black Metal.

CD-1 Malignant Coronation 3:11
CD-2 Ghoul 6:29
CD-3 Possessed 3:54
CD-4 Lord Of Swords 4:14
CD-5 Helvete 3:14
CD-6 Mouth Of Madness 8:00
CD-7 Unholy Paragon 5:39
CD-8 Sacrifice 3:32
CD-9 Morbid Lust 11:22
CD-10 Primeval Fear (Live) 7:41
CD-11 Daemons Journey (Live) 5:32
CD-12 Beyond The Grave (Live) 4:13
CD-13 The Gate Of Nanna (Live) 3:49
Norwegian Apocalypse / Oslo Vs Sandnes
DVD-1 Sodomizing The Lamb
DVD-2 Helvete
DVD-3 I-10
DVD-4 Unholy Paragon
DVD-5 Lord Of Terror
DVD-6 Ghoul
DVD-7 Mouth Of Madness
DVD-8 Sacrifice (Bathory Cover)
DVD-9 Primeval Fear
DVD-10 Beyond The Grave
DVD-11 Malignant Coronation
DVD-12 Eriphion Epistates
DVD-13 Morbid Lust
DVD-14 Malignant Coronation
DVD-15 Eriphion Epistates
DVD-16 Born For Burning (Bathory Cover)
DVD-17 Beyond The Grave
Re-issued with four previously unreleased live tracks.

«Desert Northern Hell» was recorded, mixed and mastered during June and July 2004.
CD-3 «Possessed» originally released on the «Possessed» demo from 1995.
CD-10 to CD-13 «Recorded live in Quebec City, 2001».
DVD-1 to DVD-12 «Live at Rockefeller in Oslo, Norway / September 24th, 2005».
DVD13 to DVD-17 «»Live at Tribute in Sandnes, Norway / September 16th, 2005».

Season Of Mist


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